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Hi my name is Rachel; a registered nurse. I graduated from one of the best nursing programmes and have been working in the medical field for 10 years. As a licensed practical nurse, I understand the plight that comes with the job. While I enjoy taking care of patients, I understand the long working hours that nurses have to deal with. We spend majority of the shifts walking around the medical centre making sure all patients are taken care of and this requires a lot of work and energy on the feet. https://bestnursingshoes.net has been created to help nurses from different parts of the world find the perfect shoes to reduce the strain on your feet and posture and make the job much easier.


Asics nursing shoes are the perfect solution to those seeking to invest in a pair of shoes that are not only athletic but are also stylish and extremely comfortable. Asics Nursing Shoes are designed keeping in mind the requirements of healthcare professionals who are always on the go and thus …

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The kind of work that nurses and other healthcare professionals are engaged in is one that is highly physically demanding and requires them to run around all day to different parts of the hospital. If they are not running, they are most probably required to be standing, ready to assist …

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Skechers healthcare shoes

Skechers has been one of the most trustworthy brands in providing healthcare accessories for mainly the medical profession for decades, but it has now expanded into the commercial market and has made its products available to a wide range of customers. The specialty of Skechers has always been to produce …

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Z-coil shoes for nurses

Are you aware that an average person on Earth walks around 2.5 to 3 miles daily? Isn’t it a lot of walking! However, if you are a nurse you would probably be walking even more. You will have to go around checking patients, you will have to carry out all …

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Waterproof Nursing Shoes

Introduction Every profession is different from one another. Pieces of equipment and lifestyles also change with the type of job. If a job requires to sit all day and do works on computers or files that don’t require much attention on shoes, but a job that involves running, moving and …

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Timberland Nursing Shoes

Introduction We all knew the fact, that nursing is referred to as the noble profession that usually demands huge responsibility as well as care and affection from the side of any nurse to her fellow patients. In order to cope up with all such responsibilities, a nurse needs to provide …

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Pink nursing shoes

As a nurse, you need to spend all day on your feet. You do various tasks with your feet such as moving around, walking around the nursing home, lifting heavy objects what may create stress on your back, knees and free. You spend all the day on your feet so …

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spring step nursing shoes

Different shoes have different characteristic and it changes with all the year depending on the season. Among all the other, Spring is a very beautiful season with a lot of fragrances, beauty, and colors. Some shoes are made especially for spring and to support the weather conditions in spring. Spring …

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Best hoka shoes for nurses

Introduction Hoka shoes are basically popular for its thick and softly cushioned soles. It has some great impressive range of collection with a great level of cushioning at a light weight and this is the reason why nurses love this shoes.  The company here uses the most responsive and durable …

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